Get Started

System Requirements:

  • Globally installed node>= 6.3.1

  • Globally installed npm>= 4

  • Globally installed mongodb>=3.4.1


  • Opt #1. Download ZIP: Not familiar with Git? Click Here to download the Full Version of MessagingApp. Extract the contents of ZIP file after downloading. Downloading ZIP file does not help you to sync with further updates of Messaging App.

  • Opt #2. Clone using GitStrap Web Client To setup the Full Version for Messaging App on your system, with gitstrap tools to sync your app with constant updates, clone the repo. Click here to clone the theme using GitStrap.

  • Run these commands on your terminal:

      [[email protected]] $ cd <folder-name>
      [[email protected]] $ npm install
      [[email protected]] $ npm start

    Before you perform npm start ,you need to configure a few authorization tokens that will be used in your app. Follow the below mentioned steps:

    • SignUp on Twilio platform to obtain accountSid ,authToken and obtain a mobile number from Twilio.

    • SignUp on OneSignal platform to obtain your app_id and Authorization token for your app.

    • Rename the file MessagingApp-Backend/config/secretToken.example.js to MessagingApp-Backend/config/secretToken.js and enter your obtained credentials .

  • Open another terminal and fire the following commands to initiate mongod:

            [[email protected]]$  mongod

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