How to override style in NativeBase?

I didn't find a way to override style.
How can I include React StyleSheet into my app?

How do I add events with the components?

What events are available for the components?
Example buttons, list items etc.

None of the above, I have a different error

The above-listed FAQs were not of your help?
Facing some other issues?

How to customize components of NativeBase?

I didn't find a way to customize the default styles of NativeBase components.

I want list of icons with their names used in NativeBase

Docs says Choose from 700+ Icons
I want the complete list of icons containing the name and image of the icons that are ready to use.

How do I extract files in Windows?

I want to extract files in Windows.

Can we buy only specific parts of dating app backend? like api server etc.

How else can i use this product?

Does it support localization?

What is the logic for nearby users?

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