• NodeJS >= 9
  • NPM or Yarn

This version has been tested with Node v10.22.0 and NPM 6.14.6 .


  • Opt #1. Download ZIP

Not familiar with Git? Download the Full Version of the theme. Extract the contents of ZIP file after downloading. Downloading ZIP file does not help you to sync with further updates of the App.

  • Opt #2. Clone using GitStrap Web Client

To setup the Full Version for the App on your system, with gitstrap tools to sync your app with constant updates, clone the repo.

  • Install packages for Full Version
cd App
  • To simulate for iOS
    • Method One:
      • Run yarn start in your terminal.
      • Scan the QR code in your Expo App or type i.
    • Method Two:
      • Type npm run ios in your terminal.
  • To simulate for Android
    • Method One:
      • Run yarn start in your terminal.
      • Make sure you have an Android emulator installed and running.
      • Scan the QR code in your Expo App or type a.

Seed Project

Once you are ready to use this template for your own project, you might want to remove some screens. The entry point of the app is App.js, this file contains all the screens of the app organized into navigation routes. Once you removed the unnecessary routes, you can remove the folder that correspond to the screens you would like to remove. For instance, if you would like to remove the Overview screen, you need to remove its references from App.js and remove the src/overview folder. It's that simple.

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