Deploy Api-Server, Mobile App in Production

Api server

Installation steps

Clone the app

Step1: Go to ApiServer folder

  • Enter npm i

Step2: Export node environment by export NODE_ENV=production Do check if it is set by echo $NODE_ENV it Prompts as production.

Step3: Enter npm run build

Step4: Run forever now enter forever start dist/index.js Check if forever is running by entering forever list

Common issues npm ERR! bcrypt

You need to enter npm install --save bcrypt-nodejs && npm uninstall --save bcrypt


Step1: Enter in Terminal cd Webdashboard/

Step2: Enter git init

Step3: Enter heroku create Ignore this step if you have already generated it from Heroku Dashboard

Step4: Enter git remote origin<AppName>.git

Step5: Enter git add

Step6: Enter git commit -m "Your Message Here"

Step7: Enter git push heroku master

Mobile App

Make sure you have a developer account on the Play Store / App Store.

• Generating Certificates follow here
• Releasing build and publish app link

• Building signed apk follow here
• Releasing build and publish app link

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