Deploy API-Server & Mobile App in Local machine

Api Server

Installation Steps

Step 1: Download the Native Starter Pro app and extract it

Step 2: Open terminal and go to NativeStarterPro folder where you have extracted, there you would find modules: Api-Server, Mobx-Starter-App, Redux-Starter-App. Choose either one of Mobx or Redux starter app at a time.

Step 3: Goto Api-Server folder and install node_modules by npm install or yarn

Step 4: Start the Api Server by npm start. Now Api-Server is up and running.

Step 5: On another terminal run mongod, this would start mongo server.

Common issue of mongo server

unable to lock file: /data/db/mongod.lock resource temporarily unavailable. Is a mongod instance already running? , terminating

You need to enter,
sudo killall -15 mongod


Installation steps

Step 1: Goto NativeStarterPro/Mobx-Starter-App

Step 2: Now change the url and port number. Goto js/config.js and change the root to

root: 'YOUR_IP:PORT/api',
port: 3000 // incase of running api-server (node app) in development
port: 3030 //incase of running api-server (node app) in production
port: 443 //incase of running api-server (node app) on heroku

Step 3: npm i

Step 4: npm start

Step 5: If you would like to run app in android you need to connect the android phone to a system or via android emulator, and type npm run android. Make sure you have configured the AVD before running the command. If you would like to run app in iPhone simulator (MacOS) run npm run iOS


  • Make sure you have same network in the mobile.
  • Follow Mobx-Starter-App procedure, in case if you want to deploy for Redux-Starter-App.

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