How to override style in NativeBase?

I didn't find a way to override style.

How can I include React StyleSheet into my app?


NativeBase is built on top of React Native

.Hence with any component, you can pass the style property which will be merged into the default style of that component.


<Button style={{backgroundColor: '#FF0000'}}>
Click me!

How do I add events with the components?

What events are available for the components?

Example buttons, list items etc.


The NativeBase components are built on top of React Native components. Hence the callback events of React Native holds good with NativeBase components.

Example:The Buttoncomponent is actually a wrapper of theTouchableOpacitycomponent of React Native. So you can just use theonPresscallback function for event handling.

Refer the cheatsheet for more details.

None of the above, I have a different error

The above-listed FAQs were not of your help?

Facing some other issues?


We welcome all your issues. Feel free to raise issues on GitHub.

Please go to the GitStrap to report issues.

How to customize components of NativeBase?

I didn't find a way to customize the default styles of NativeBase components.


NativeBase provides a separate file inclusive of color schemes for all components. Go through

Customize section of docs.

I want list of icons with their names used in NativeBase

Docs says Choose from 700+ Icons

I want the complete list of icons containing the name and image of the icons that are ready to use.


NativeBase uses Icons from React Native Vector Icons. Hence the collection of icons from Vector Icons holds good with that in NativeBase.

How do I extract files in Windows?

I want to extract files in Windows.


• Unzip the file.

• Right click on the extracted file and select

View files

.All the files will be extracted.


We don't provide support for Windows. It's completely buyer's responsibility.

How else can i use this product?

You can use this app to build various other apps like a food-ordering app, Massage Services app, Doctors app, courier app, servicing app and much more .

Does it support localization?

Yes it supports localization .

What is the logic for nearby tasker?

We are using Haversine formula to calculate the nearby tasker depending on the radius predefined in the mobile app.

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