TaskMan App v2.0.0


  • Single App for User and Tasker.
  • Power-packed with React Native, NativeBase, React Native Router Flux, and Firebase.
  • Single JavaScript codebase for iOS and Android.
  • Users can login via Facebook.
  • User can fetch a list of nearby taskers within predefined radius.
  • User and Tasker can upload and delete profile image.
  • Users can filter their choice based on task/service.
  • User can track tasker's location in realtime.
  • User can take a look at all the nearby taskers on the map.
  • Auto-suggest functionality for locations.
  • Stripe payment gateway.
  • App can store and display task history.
  • User and Tasker can see each other's name, contact info, ratings, etc.
  • Support for English, Chinese, French, and German languages.
  • User can give a rating and feedback review to the tasker after the task/service is complete.
  • Tasker can set his availability.
  • Users can mark a tasker as favourite.
  • User can book instant service and also select their favourite tasker.
  • Push Notifications for new task and updates.

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