Routes - Trip

File Name : trip.js
File Path : /server/routes/trip.js
It has all the protected routes and contains route related to user trip. These functionalities are included in Trip Controller.

User Trip History Route

  1. API Path: api/trips/history
  2. Method: GET
  3. Description: This route get the details of all the trip in which user is involved.
  4. Parameters:
    • Name: req
    • Type: Object
  • Name: jwtAccessToken
  • In: Header
  • Type: String
  • Description: JWT access token used to check the authenticity of the user.
  1. Response: Returns an object with three properties: success (bool), message, data. The third parameterdatais an object with two properties: jwtAccessToken and user object.

    • Http Code: 200
    • Name: returnObj
    • Type: Object
    Name Type
    success boolean
    message string
    data Object

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