Socket Server

The Socket Server functions as listed:

  • Start socket server function is used to start the socket server.
  • When the socket is connected, it first checks authenticity using JSON webtoken.
  • This JWT access token is provided with the query parameter during the HandShake process between socket-server and socket-client.
  • JWT access token is the same as that of token which is provided to the user at the time of login.
  • If the socket is authenticated, then the sokcet is added to the socket store using addByuserId(), else the socket is disconnected.

Socket Handler

Socket handler contains functionality which helps to manage different scenarios related to socket. Each scenario is taken as a story, which is handled separately. Socket handler manages three stories, namely: request trip, start trip and update location.

Request Trip

Request trip handler, handles many other trip request scenario.

  • When the rider make a request for a trip, this emits a socket event from the rider side which is handled by requstTripHandler()
  • Each request trip is stored in the mongoDB insidetriprequestcollection.
  • During the trip request, thetripRequestStatuscan have following values:
    • request: Initially when the rider makes a request trip.
    • noNearByDriver: When the rider does not find any driver nearBy. Or when all the nearBy drivers reject the rider's request trip.
    • rejected: When the driver does not accept the request trip made by a rider.
    • enRoute: When driver accepts the request trip and enroutes towards the rider.
    • arriving: When the distance between the driver and the rider's pickup location is the range of 0.5 and 0.7 km.
    • arrived: When the driver has reached the rider's pick up location.
    • completed: When the driver starts the trip.

Start Trip

Start trip handler actuallly handles the ride which the rider takes.

  • When the driver starts the trip, a socket event is emitted from the driver side which is handled by start-trip() .
  • Every trip details are stored in the mongoDB within the trip collection.
  • During the trip, thetripStatuscan have following values:
    • onTrip: When driver starts the trip
    • endTrip: Driver on reaching the destination

Update Location

  • Update location handler handles updation of the GPS location of the rider or driver.

  • It checks if the driver is in any tripRequest or trip.

  • If yes, then an event is emitted to the corresponding rider with updated GPS location.

  • Same procedure is followed at the rider side.

Nearby Driver Handler

  • Takes in the map coordinates of a rider when he drags the map.
  • The coordinates are updated in database Based on the coordinates a query is run which fetches nearby drivers in that region.
  • This information is sent back to the rider.

User Handler

  • Updates the driver isAvaialable field for all nearby drivers.
  • Updates all the rider with nearby list of drivers available

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